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Name: Kim
Occupation: Mum

For years I’ve struggled with my weight, I especially struggled after having my first child over 5 years ago, since then I’ve had 2 more all being through C-section but the weight just kept going up which was very hard as I also suffered from Post-natal depression. I finally decided I had enough and needed to make a change, that’s when I contacted Just Breathe Fitness! I was made to feel welcomed and given the self belief that I can achieve my goals and that I can’t fail! After 5 weeks I have loss 10 inches off my body and a stone down!! I have a long way to go but I now have the self belief and confidence that I can do it thanks to Just Breathe Fitness.


30 Day Challenge

So as I was told, the first day was definitely the hardest. Once I knew what to expect I was pretty much prepared for the rest of the 30 days. The work outs got slightly harder only progressively therefore the weeks to follow did not come as a shock, rather a nice build up. I felt like each work out consisted of a nice balance of working my muscles mixed in with cardio, so I was really getting a full body work out. Food wise, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything as I was able to eat a variety of foods but as calories were restricted I thought twice about what I was about to eat. Through out the 30 days I most definitely felt fitter day by day and was extremely happy with the results by the last day! Another thing I must mention is that Josh continuously checked up on me to make sure I was doing alright and was ready to answer any questions that I had. Once again, this has been a wonderful start to my fitness journey as you have proved that allowing fitness to become part of my daily routine is definitely achievable and can even be enjoyable. Thank you ever so much Josh!

greta before and after 30 day challenge

Nathan Scott

30 Day Challenge

I started the 30 Day Challenge in the worst shape of my life, when I finished I felt fitter, stronger and most importantly healthier! Just Breathe Fitness looked after me every step of the way, from helping be more careful of not just how many calories I had but also what was in them calories. It was extremely balanced so I never felt I was missing out! The workouts were fun and mixed to keep me interested. This is just the beginning!!
nathan before and after fitness
Kylie Adu
30 Day Challenge
I started this journey as a fitness newbie. I was never into exercising or about that ‘gym life’ and my exercise for the day consisted of walking to and from the bus stop. So what a better way to ease myself in than the 30 day fitness journey! I can honestly say it’s been an exciting 30 days where  I’ve learnt that exercising does not have to be a chore. Seeing the results in just a month has really given me the motivation to keep going. It’s very rewarding to see hard work paying off. So if you are looking to lose weight, tone up or just remain fit and healthy definitely give this a go – you won’t regret it. Thanks so much Just Breathe Fitness
30 Day Challenge 
Everyone who knows me knows that I hate exercise. Whether it’s jumping on the spot or running around the park, I thought it just wasn’t for me. However as I started the 30 day work out challenge, I realised that working out is not a daunting task, if done correctly it can be a fun way to make your body work. I always ended each day with a high not wanting to stop, which is surprising coming from an individual who hated working out. I was surprised how far I had come, I went from barely being able to push myself off the ground to actually doing ten. Seeing yourself getting stronger is such a huge motivation and you not only change physically, you also change mentally. It is very liberating and I can honestly say that I’ve completely changed my lifestyle. This was definitely the best decision I ever made! I want to thank Josh for the motivation, support and guidance through this journey. You could honestly not get a better life coach!
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