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You're not the same as everybody else, so why follow everybody else's diet?

The world of fitness and nutrition advice is a complicated, fragmented world. Food groups that were vilified one day are ‘super-foods’ the next, and the workout craze of the moment often disappears just as quickly as it appeared.
We’re on a mission to help identify what we do to get fit, eat right and live better on a truly personal level, using one simple concept – you.
Since we began in 2013, we’ve taken cutting edge science out of the laboratory and into the hands of tens of thousands of people, helping them understand how their DNA affects their response to exercise and nutrition changes, to change the way we train and eat, one DNA sample at a time.

How much is a Test?

The complete Fitness Diet pro is £249. This is the ultimate DNAFit package. Not only will you receive ALL of our fitness and nutrition markers to give you the most in-depth picture of your exercise and diet genetics possible, but you’ll also receive your personal genetic infographic and access to the DNAFit Olympian Benchmark System.

What can Just Breathe Offer?

This is the perfect solution to your problems, if you’ve tried all the fad diets or just don’t know whats right to eat for your body and you’ve tried all kinds of workouts with minimal results you need to do this test its a simple saliva test. Just Breathe are offering this test at £250.. why £1 more you ask, well not only will you receive the DNAfit Fitness Diet Pro and stress free with posting and packaging but you will receive the first consultation for the test and a FREE 1 session* once your results are in to show you how to maximize your results!!
To book the Just Breathe DNAFit Package Deal for £250 click the button now.
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